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Strategic Planning

Target Populations - H&A will help you successfully grow your client base and product lines for populations that are privately insured, insured through Medicaid and Medicare, and those with dual-eligibility. We specialize in assisting our clients with designing systems of care for vulnerable, high-risk populations. We can help you prepare to deliver innovative integrated products to efficiently and effectively manage services for individuals and families with complex health issues such as chronic physical illness with co-occuring behavioral or developmental disabilities.

Innovative Integrated Programs - H&A's strategic planning services will assist in determining the financial and social return on your investments (ROI/SROI).  We help you determine realistic and attainable strategic goals. We have extensive success in financially sound program development based on thorough population based analyses and modeling. We promote the use of participant-directed care, person-centered planning, and recovery and resilience focused services. Our experience includes assisting our clients in designing innovative models of services for risk-based (capitated) behavioral health programs, employee assistance programs, crisis systems, ACA demonstration projects, CMS transformation and innovation programs, Medicaid and Medicare dual-eligible programs, health homes and other integrated models of care.

Scope of Services - Our consultation is based upon extensive sound clinical and operational knowledge. The founder of Hartman and Associates has an encompassing perspective and understanding of how to successfully provide cost effective services to populations with complex care needs. We provide the unique combination of cross-disability competencies, focused on the provision of community-based services and supports for members with co-occuring disorders; including mental illness, addictions, developmental and physical disabilities. This perspective is solidly grounded in our belief and experience in whole health; the integration of physical, behavioral, developmental and trauma services that informs all of our consultation. Our collaborative arrangements with an inclusive range of industry experts provide additional resources to serve the full range of our client organizations' business needs.

Collaborative Approach - H&A has the demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with client organizations, their internal business units, members, stakeholders and other contracted consultants towards the integration of clinical operations with HIT design, financial modeling, analytics and reporting, network development and quality management for innovative services and markets.  Through our affiliations with other industry experts, we can bring together a customized consulting team to best match the needs of our client organizations. We listen to our clients and design consulting services that will meet your unique needs.


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 Unlike many consulting firms, H&A knows how to put strategic plans into action.  We understand the impact of changing healthcare policies and know how to operationalize policy into practice. We will assist  in assessing your organizations' competencies to provide cost effective innovative models of care to populations with complex care needs.  We can assist your organization in the integration and redesign of your internal and external processes. We’ll collaborately create a strategic implementation plan to operationalize your product(s). Our experience includes the development of program structure and processes such as care management models, care management strategies, population stratefication for high risk members, call center design, work flow analyses, policy and procedure development, continuous quality improvement, outcomes measurement, best practice models, medical necessity criteria, network developement, revenue maximization and rate setting.

Using population-based analyses, we determine what barriers exist that impede the health and independence of members with complex care needs. Using this data we collaboratively develop a plan to implement services and supports that will assist your members in achieving whole health and the independence they need to develop meaningful lives as contributing members of the community.  These are strategies that will decrease reliance on the health care system and effectively reduce the cost of services while improving meaningful and measurable outcomes for members.


New Business Development

H&A will provide an organizational assessment, a population-based analysis of the needs of your existing or potential client base, and assist in the design of new products to serve the needs of these members. We also assist you in successfully achieving contract awards, including  proposals and grant writing, implementation of new business, forming public-private alliances, project planning and project management.


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